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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Knowing Diferences Betwen REAL Offers From all Scams out There

I'm going to share with you how to filter the REAL offers from all the scams out there, with my Scam Detector Check List!

It'll help you decide if that online offer its for real... or a real waste of money.

#1 Scam Alert - The company can't demonstrate a successful track record

If they can't offer solid proof they've got a successful track record - then how can you trust them to help YOU make money?

Be skeptical. Ask questions. If they say they're a success, look or ask for proof!

Scam Alert #2: You can't talk to a company representative in person

Before you make a significant investment, give them a call. Talk to them in person. Ask them hard questions.

If they don't make it easy for you to them in person, then don't do business with them!

Scam Alert #3: Thousands are selling the EXACT same thing

Do a search on the name of the product in Google and go through the results. How many people are selling the exact same product? Say hello to your competition!

(And how many of them are using the exact same website the company is trying to get YOU to buy?)

If a lot of people are selling that product then quite frankly, you're going to find it extremely difficult to make any money ever.

Scam Alert #4: They can't show you legitimate testimonials from recent customers

If you are making a significant investment in an opportunity, the company you are purchasing from should be willing to put you in contact with other successful customers.

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