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Monday, December 8, 2008

Put affiliate link in your article doesn't do the job

Certainly one of the most popular ways in terms of website or affiliate promotion is article marketing. As a result, a lot of marketers will utilize this method in order to generate more affiliate revenue. We will try to discuss how you can make more money with this kind of marketing tactic.

A lot of webmasters will just put the links provide but the merchants in the articles and think that they have done the job. Yet you should never do that. You will not be able to make money if you just try to include the affiliate links in the articles.

Article directories do no allow affiliate links. Yes it is true that there may be some directories which will accept this links in the articles. However, the biggest directories just do not allow them. As a result, they will not accept your articles if you put the affiliate links in the articles.

You may wonder what the marketers do if you are not allowed to put the affiliate links in the articles. As suggested by most affiliate coach or experts, you will be creating your own affiliate site. To this end you can put the link of your affiliate site in the articles you submit.

So the question here is what kind of contents your website should contain. One of the ways is to make your website an informative content site. For this kind of site, you will be writing informative articles related to the products you promote.

Another way is to make your website a web directory. For example, if you are promoting some loan products, you may create a web directory which link to different institutes that provide loan products.

On the other hand, you can also create a free report. You will be creating a free report related to the affiliate products you promote. And the you will link to your free report from the articles.

One last thing is that, there are some other advantages of article marketing. The links in the articles are actually back links to your sites. As a result, you can also treat article marketing part of your link building campaign. All of this is important, way to get prospect to jour site, and make sales. Article marketing is allso the best way to brand your name on the Internet. Start business for yourself get free wesite check information at

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