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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Economik Gloom Be Gone

Copyright © Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

I walked downstairs a few minutes ago and saw that my
wife was watching a little CNN (helping us stay
up-to-date on the latest world happenings...), and one
of the headlines that jumped out at me was the words:
"Economic Gloom".

This got me thinking...

From my point of view, I see that much of the world is
in a state of PANIC about the economy. There certainly
may be good reason for concern, but too much concern
will also certainly create the reality that you wish to
avoid through the law of attraction.

It is true that what you think about most of the time
shows up in your life. For example, if you're THINKING
about why you can't accomplish some goal of yours,
sure enough all the reasons that you *find* for why you
can't will affect your emotions and therefore the
actions that you will or won't take toward that goal.
Therefore, by thinking *why* you can't, you're making
sure that you don't.

Alternatively, if you use your mind to start finding
reasons why you CAN, you'll start to FEEL differently
and then those new feelings will motivate you to take
NEW ACTIONS and those new actions will create new
results in your results - most likely much closer to
your desired outcome.

In these times of great challenge financially around
the world, NOW MORE THAN EVER it is critical that YOU
tune your mind, feeling and actions into prosperous
frequencies. For many years, I've been reading books,
listening to audio tapes, doing meditations, watching
DVD's and surrounding myself with influences that make
me think smarter, faster, younger, happier, healthier
and wealthier. And little by little, day by day all of
these things have given me an edge in life and allowed
me to achieve more success, happiness and freedom in
my life than I would have ever been able to if I had
simply allow myself to "go with the flow" and allow
society to program me to it's own standards.

Speaking of standards, for many people here in the
United States the standard for success is to go to
college, get a good job, work hard for 40 years and
*hopefully* retire with enough money left in the bank
to pay your medical bills and assisted care living
expenses until you DIE. It's pretty sad.

That's definitely NOT my standard for this life
though. I "retired" a long time ago (without ever
graduating from college) and spend most my time these
being a passionate husband and father as well as
aggressively pursuing interests that light a fire in my

Today which is Tuesday (while many people were busy
working a job they don't enjoy), I was at my tennis
club at 8:30 am working on my serve, then went to the
ball machine at 10:00, then started my private tennis
lesson at 11:00, followed by an hour long massage at
12:15. Then I got home about 1:30 and made myself a
plate with a tuna sandwich, freshly cooked beets and a
delicious cabbage salad all bought from Whole Foods
Market where the words natural and organic truly means
something. While having lunch my car was being detail
cleaned in the driveway of my home and my gardener was
dropping off fertilizer and plants for this Fall's
planting. While my "team" was helping me keep my car
and home looking great, I jumped on the piano for 30
minutes and started practicing "Carol of the Bells"
which is a song I'll be playing during the holidays
this year for competition and for pleasure. After that,
I spent a little quality time with my wife and kids and
then my kids tutor arrived so I hopped over here to my
office to write you this email. Once I press send, I'm
going to head downstairs and eat a great dinner with
the people I love most in this world.

That's a day in the life of Stone Evans, The Home Biz
Guy, and it's pretty typical (for me right now). I
focus most of my energy on having fun doing things that
I love and working in ways that make me happy and make
feel like I'm making a positive difference in other
people's lives. These are some of MY standards. Do you
know what yours are?

You see, a standard is something that is basic to your
life. Something that simply couldn't be different. For
example, many years ago (before I was rich, *or at
least before the world agreed with me that I was
rich*), I knew that that description I shared with you
above about my day today was simply a standard of who I
was and what I was *committed* to experience in my
life. I knew that wanted to do and pursue all the
things that were important and exciting to ME, without
having to worry, or even *think* about how much money
it would cost. In fact, that's a huge part of
financial success for me - to never be limited to do
something you want to do because of money. This is my
standard. And it's because of this standard that was
set in my mind a long time ago that I've been able to
achieve some pretty extraordinary things in my life so
far, and that will continue to drive me to create and
experience the life I dream of.

I feel impassioned to write about these things right
now, not to brag, because life has far greater things
in store for each of us that chooses to embrace the
potential and power within us. Instead, I write to
inspire. If I've been able to break free of society's
"doom and gloom programming" and "standards of
mediocrity", you can too!

Turn off the "noooooooooooos" and TURN ON your own
mind by reading books that empower you, watching DVD's
that inspire you, talking to people that LIFT YOU UP
and taking new actions that move you in the *direction*
of YOUR deepest heart's desire. A couple of books that
have made a difference for me lately are: "The
Jackrabbit Factor: Why You Can" and
"Psycho-Cybernetics, A New Way to Get More Living Out
of Life". You can find them both at Look
them up, buy them and devour them! Just READING these
books with an open mind will affect you in ways that
change your life and cause you to experience more
happiness and success, guaranteed!

In the world right now, the divide between the
"haves" and the "have-nots" is getting wider. Align
YOURSELF with the "have what YOU want" mindset and
YOU WILL. As I said earlier, *now more than EVER
before* if you want more out of your life, SELECT YOUR
PROGRAMMING CAREFULLY and take control of your mind,
and your future!

If your looking for a "different path" to make a
living, check out the one I selected that has given me
all the time and financial freedom I need to pursue my
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